This 3000 square meter exhibition has been design with the specic aim of being respectful of scientic research, without leaving aside the delighful, entertaining side of nature´s evolution. All the animals are built under strict requirements and design for high-end audiences. This means that we choose each species quantities, sizes, movements, and routines following the guidance of the professionalpaleontologists, members of the Asociación.  Paleontológica Argentina, and also with the priceless support of Dr. Eduardo P. Tonni and Dr. Jorge Rabassa, both from CONICET Council.


The animatronic animals move many parts of their bodies; some of them move their eyes, chest, arms and legs, depending on the interaction between the species we have laid out of each scene. Includes 45 life sized animatronic animals distributed in 12 scenes, as well as 11 animals in the interactive area, completing a fabulous exhibition of 56 animatronic animals in all. Currently the exhibition has been divided into 2 different formats, for closed venues and for shopping malls, in an attempt to reach more audiences. Since the

visitors are supposed to do the walk thru the exhibit scene by scene, the whole exhibition is built with an embedded panel system, allowing visitors to see only one scene at a time, and nally providing that input of suspense and surprise.



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